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1. What is Bactivate?

Bactivate is a Microbial Soil Conditioner composed of live beneficial microorganisms that enhances plant growth and protection by incorporating valuable life into the soil. > more information

Bactivate Microbial Soil Conditioner will maximise plant production and cost-effective fertilizer use, under a sustainable management of the soil rhizosphere system. It is important to understand the dynamics of soil nutrients in the rhizosphere, especially in relation to plant growth, inorganic and organic fertilization, and other cultural practices/management.

2. What is a Microbial Soil Conditioner?

A Microbial Soil Conditioner are special bacteria and/or fungi formulated along with a suitable carrier material that helps the soils improve their nutrient status for proper plant growth and protection.

Agriculture’s frequent practices such as tillage and site preparation can reduce the population of beneficial microorganisms, which are one of the most important components of the soil as they carry out many important processes, vital for soil fertility and health. Their re-introduction using a Microbial Soil Conditioner in areas where they have been reduced will bring back life into the soil, greatly recovering its quality, and therefore improving plant’s health and establishment.

A Microbial Soil Conditioner acts as a natural biocatalizer by assuring a quick colonization of the rhizosphere and root mass with beneficial microorganisms that will re-establish a healthy soil and help the plant outperform.

3. What are the sound effects of a Microbial Soil Conditioner?

A Microbial Soil Conditioner can:

1. Create organic matter.

2. Build soil structure. > more information

3. Produce auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and amino acids which help increase the chlorophyll and leaf area of plants. > more information

4. Fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, which is then transformed into ammoniacal NH3-N and absorbed by the plant. > more information

5. Produce acids that help release phosphate and potassium from the soil.> more information

6. Protect the soil by suppressing plant disease fungal organisms.> more information

7. Create an ecological niche for all other beneficial microorganisms.

8. Accelerate salt leaching.

9. Incorporate trace elements such as zinc, copper, vanadium, manganese, silicon.

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