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What can Bactivate do for your bananas?



Rohan Collins – Laurelgold Pty Ltd

Rohan Collins farms Cavendish bananas aiming to supply the premium markets of Australia’s capital cities. Rohan has been using Bactivate products in Sweeter Soils designed programmes for the last 2 years, to both improve his production and fruit quality.

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mcartybananaTrees on the left planted with Bactivate program, trees on the right planted without.

Luke McCarthy – McCarthy Bananas

The McCarthy family have been farming on their East Palmerston property since 1935 and has been in production of bananas since the year 2002.

The McCarthy family achieved strong results using Bactivate products to treat borer, nematode and cane grub.

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Enhance your banana production with Bactivate products

The results are in – several trials have shown that Cavendish bananas treated with Bactivate products resulted in increased bunch size and lower nematode levels. 

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